Meet the Team

Renee Roberts

Creator of Successful Small Businesses

Marc McIntosh

Creator of Effective Marketing Strategies

Amber Stief

Workflow Manager

Steven Saldana

Project Manager

Jerome Sigamony

Digital Marketing Strategist

Faraz Latif

Digital Marketing Associate

Muqadas Abbas

Graphic Artist & Video Coordinator

Tracey Ulrich

Copywriter & Editor

Dua Malik

Social Media Manager

Shobhit Lodha

Website Design & Development

Kamile Dambrauskaitė

Video Creator & Editor

How Did We Get Here?

Renee and Marc are the founders of Winning Team Marketing. We were both small business owners for many years (Marc owned a DJ service and Renee was an event planner, florist, and decorator) and we ultimately became wedding expo producers. Ten years ago, we met at an industry conference and began collaborating on projects. We experienced the synergy and benefits of two industry peers learning from each other, and this expedited the growth of our individual brands.

Through our years as expo producers, we became experts at connecting buyers and sellers, and we became particularly skilled at marketing to narrow market niches.  The audience for a wedding-related business is less than one percent of the population, but we were able to succesfully target and attract this audience both to our events, but more importantly to our clients.


We’ve always been there to help.

Along the way, we helped hundreds of business owners improve their marketing efforts by sharing our knowledge and real-world experience. We have been featured speakers at many industry events, and we have a popular series of webinars (check out our YouTube channel).

Through our interaction with thousands of business owners, we saw a recurring theme: Most are far better at doing their business than they are at marketing their business. More often than not, they are overwhelmed by the ‘juggling act’ of servicing their current customers while also having to generate future customers.


What we’re doing now.

For the past few years, we have been laying the groundwork for a marketing agency that specifically serves the needs of small businesses. When COVID-19 hit, large shows such as ours were no longer possible, so we decided that the time was right to make our plans a reality. We like to joke that we were ‘pivoting’ before it was fashionable!

Our mission is to give businesses direct access to our laser-focused marketing skill set. We have a unique understanding of the needs and time constraints of small businesss. Winning Team Marketing will help sell more and free up your time to do more of what you love!

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to fix your marketing so you can focus on your business?

If you're like most businesses, you spend a lot of time and money promoting your business. We are confident that we can help you do it better. We'd love to look at your marketing and give you some helpful advice and actionable suggestions. The first step is to complete our short marketing survey, and then we'll schedule a time to chat. There's no cost or obligation.